Would you believe that less not quite 24 hours after the final presidential debate of this 2008 election campaign, both Democratic Sen. Barack Obama and Republican Sen. John McCain would don fancy white-tie tuxedo and tails and tell jokes in New York City last night for the annual Al Smith dinner? And yet, they did. In a scenario such as this, the ability of these candidates to tell jokes is as much a function of their writing teams as it is their individual senses of humor. That said, I’ll post both videos and let you judge for yourselves how they’re feeling about the upcoming election and who you think should be our next president. Although I think it’s amusing to point out that the major Obama clip comes from MSNBC while the major McCain clip comes from FOX News. The Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation roast raises money for underprivileged children and honors the first Catholic man to get a major party nomination for president. Smith lost to Herbert Hoover in 1928. Coincidences? Ahem. Let’s get to the attempts at humor, shall we?