TBS announced today it has ordered a third season of The Bill Engvall Show, with 10 new episodes expected to air in summer 2009. The show averaged 2.3 million viewers this year. They cannot all be wrong, can they? In fact, network programmer Michael Wright said "there’s something about this cast and this show that gives you a
good feeling inside, which is probably why it’s won the hearts of
so many viewers." Notice he didn’t say it was funny. (THR)

UPDATED: I just got the official press release from TBS, and in fact in fact, Wright did say "we look forward to a new season of even funnier episodes." Take that, me. Engvall, for his part, said he’s "thrilled" to get the show renewed. The debut in 2007 attracted 4.1 million viewers. And there also will be two special additional episodes on the air this December.