Bumbershoot 2008 highlights changes in Seattle comedy scene

Labor Day weekend in Seattle means the biggest music and arts fest of the year there, aka Bumbershoot. A decade ago, the weekend attracted names both big and small in music to come together in celebration of culture and all things good and fun, with one show or maybe two devoted on the side to comedy. Well, one look at the 2008 Bumbershoot comedy schedule shows how far we’ve come, with three full days and nights of funny in multiple venues this weekend. Human Giant will be there. So, too, will Janeane Garofalo, Marc Maron, Tom Rhodes, Doug Benson, Hannibal Buress, Jessi Klein, TJ Miller, Nick Thune, Michelle Buteau, the People’s Republic of Komedy, Vince Averill, Tig Notaro, Greg Behrendt, The Sound of Young America Live!, UCB-LA’s MySpace show, and many more.

It’s also a time for sad and glad news. Sad? Final weekend for the Mainstage Comedy crew on Queen Anne (as reported by the Seattle Comedy Blog). Waiting for the full story on that development. On the other hand: Glad? The Comedy Underground finally gets to reopen in its new location a couple of blocks over in Pioneer Square at 109 S. Washington St., with a grand reopening debut UPDATED: The Comedy Underground’s people report they’re moving the Sept. 9 for the Mitch Hedberg CD release/tribute show over to Laughs in Kirkland because it’s possible the new Underground won’t be ready in time and they don’t want to miss the chance to celebrate the CD release in "Mitch’s comedy home."

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One thought on “Bumbershoot 2008 highlights changes in Seattle comedy scene

  1. I had the pleasure of middling for the final shows at Mainstage this weekend. It was a bittersweet final song and everyone had a great time. Many locals stopped by to pay their respects to Julie Mains for her support.
    I also had the opportunity, thanks to the People’s Republik of Comedy, to be on the Portland Showcase of Bumbershoot. 150 focused audience members at 1:15 in the afternoon! It was glorious and I am eternally grateful to those who blazed the Bumbershoot path (looking your direction Peter Greyy).

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