When Human Giant meets The Hills

If you follow the comings and goings of Human Giant (and since it’s the best sketch comedy show on TV these days, you really should be), then you may have noticed this week that the guys went crazy blogging about their attendance at the after-party Monday night for the latest season premiere of MTV faux-reality melodrama, The Hills. In fact, they even used their photos to create a tabloid romance shomance for their own director, Jason Woliner, via their Tumblrs. You can relive the magic moments on the blogs of Paul Scheer, Aziz Ansari and Rob Huebel, that includes this photo:


So I had to ask Paul Scheer more about this odd pairing. I mean, yes, they’re both on the MTV, but why were they at this afterparty together, exactly? Scheer not only replies, but offers up a great cameotastic teaser for Season 3 of Human Giant on MTV:

It was really funny because we totally didn’t belong at that party. The
only people that were there, was the cast of THE HILLS, their immediate
family, the executives that worked on the show and of course Joe
Francis. So I’m sure most of the cast, were like who are these guys but
assumed we must have been important enough to get to hang in their
makeshift green room. Heidi and Spencer did however know who we were
and they only would take a picture if we guaranteed them cameos on the
show, which personally was a win/win for us.

Indeed. Win, win! And of course, why wouldn’t Joe Francis be there?!

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