Today’s "big deal" on Funny or Die is the short, "Bang, Blow and Stroke," a behind-the-scenes look at the metal band Vesuvius, from the upcoming film The Rocker with Rainn Wilson. Jason Sudeikis and Jon Glaser provide commentary, and band members include Will Arnett, Fred Armisen, Lonny Ross and Bradley Cooper. As a few commenters on FOD already have pointed out, this sounds and looks quite a bit like a 21st century version of This is Spinal Tap. Would it seem as much, though, if the band members didn’t take on British accents? Watch, compare, then discuss. Here is your (warning: NSFW) look at Vesuvius:

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And here, for you kids who need a reminder, was Spinal Tap. Go back in the Wayback Machine to the official movie trailer, which manages to include the essential scenes without giving away some of the most memorable lines: