The new SNL gossip

The Comic’s Comic believes in news and opinions, and yet, despite the lack of an official announcement from NBC, plenty of people and blogs are willing to take E! gossip king Ted Casablanca’s report on the SNL auditions as the truth and report it as such. That said, my sources told me much the same thing about how Bobby Moynihan (pictured) and T.J. Miller fared in front of Lorne Michaels. The Huffington Post used a UCB source not named Moynihan to confirm the news. Meanwhile, everyone has been congratulating Moynihan on his Facebook page for the past week. I only bring this up because, well, 1) the show doesn’t debut for three more weeks, and 2) lots of people thought this cast hiring had happened last season. So keep your congrats on the down and low for now. That is all. By the way, as I noted earlier this summer, and both E! and Huffington Post agree, Michaels also will need to hire a funny female to replace Amy Poehler when she leaves for motherhood and Sitcom Land. We’ll need to stay tuned for the official word soon enough.

UPDATED! It’s official. NBC confirmed Wednesday that Bobby Moynihan will join the cast of SNL when it returns Sept. 13. So, congrats, Bobby!

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