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Dana Carvey talks to the San Jose Mercury News about returning to stand-up after "semi-retiring" to be a husband and father: "I’ve been at this for 25 years," Carvey says. "I did SNL. I did some movies. My kids have grown up. I’ve saved a lot of money — that will go over good — and I’m having fun."

Lenny Clarke lives on Martha’s Vineyard, and it’s a rare but true thing to see him perform on the island, which he’ll do Aug. 17 during a break from filming Rescue Me.

My friend and former colleague Lauren at the Boston Herald interviews Chelsea Handler about her latest book of essays, which has been a bestseller all summer. “When I got that news, I was like, OK, well, this must signal the end
of the world. I’m on The New York Times Bestseller List? It’s not like
I’m Salman Rushdie. I mean, I have a show on E!.”

Artie Lange is already out of rehab, and talks to SF Weekly about enjoying the Bay Area.

Russell Brand reveals to Defamer that he keeps up with pop culture and music, which is a good thing since he’s hosting this year’s MTV Video Music Awards. Brand describes Miley Cyrus as "confusingly attractive," the people of The Hills as having "the general air of louche attractiveness and easy availability." Here is a promotional clip with Brand, Britney Spears and the elephant in the room. No, really.

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