CD review: John Roy, “Dressed For Recess”

Early on in John Roy‘s new CD, Dressed For Recess, you can hear why Roy has become a popular comedian on the college circuit, as well as what made him the first "new" comedy winner when CBS revamped Star Search in 2003. Recorded at his hometown Chicago club, Zanies, Roy comes across as your buddy, your friend, as he tackles social issues. In the first eight minutes, Roy tells you why goth kids must really hate the summer ("You can’t look like a vampire in shorts"), how there’s a difference between broke and really broke, a rant about ramen noodles, and re-imagining Iron Chef as High Chef, with the obligatory Snoop Dogg reference. Over the course of 52 minutes, Roy opens up about his roommate, chain restaurants, his 22-year-old girlfriend who studies astrophysics, and feeling old. He grew up in a black neighborhood in Chicago, and wonders now why nobody told him his fandom of the Dukes of Hazzard meant he had "a pro-slavery lunchbox!?" He imagines God and Jesus talking some sense into us, he reveals his temptation to wrestle Chris Matthews after an appearance on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show, and takes down hipsters for drinking PBR. It’s all affable stuff. Roy celebrates his CD release tonight with a show at the Hollywood Improv. If you’d like a copy of his new CD, you can check it out on via the following link…

Sean L. McCarthy

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