Bob and David: “David’s Situation” kaput, what’s next?

Bob Odenkirk laid down the news tonight that he and David Cross have decided to scrap their own HBO pilot that played with sitcom conventions, called "David’s Situation." Although they all thought the pilot succeeded, they felt that the format they had created, well, why don’t I just let Odenkirk say it himself: We "lost interest in the overall concept. The show was a strange hybrid
with a "sit-com" base. We used the actual set from Everybody Loves
. The sitcom framework really felt like a drag on our energy
and sensibility. This was fairly obvious to us and not as disappointing
as it might sound because the whole experience energized us to create
something new and more better." Maybe it was the Curse of Raymond?! At any rate, Odenkirk promises he and Cross will try to figure out what their next TV project should be and give the fans something to see and laugh at.

Related: Odenkirk this week did release three spoof ads he did for a new giant Samsung phone thingy, based on the new types of "mobile professionals" for jobs that do not exist, such as a Carousel Booking Agent, Brothers for Hire, and a freelancing firefighter (played charmingly by Paul F. Tompkins). I don’t know that any of these ad-type videos make you want to buy the Samsung, but they are fun to look at for a few minutes. Well, maybe not the carousel one.

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