And I don’t mean Dane Cook, although what is that rascally rascal up to, anyhow? OK. I’ve clicked there, clicked that. Now onto this weekend’s plans, and more than a few people have asked me what I have planned for the coming days, because it appears as though there are a couple of big things to be blogged, or covered, or whatever the appropriate words are for online journalism in the pursuit of comedy these days. This weekend, I could be at the D.C. Comedyfest in the District of Columbia, aka our nation’s Washington, D.C….at the same time, or thereabouts, New York City is playing host to the 10th annual Del Close Marathon, and all of the big names in sketch and improv comedy are taking part in that. So, yeah. How about that? Any and all advice is encouraged. I attended last year’s Del Close Marathon and can attest to the fun in store there, although the UCB also gets so hot and unbearably sweaty that it’s tough to make it through the entire weekend. Thinking I might try to catch the first night Thursday down in Washington, D.C., then head back up to NYC for at least part of the Del Close, thereby catching both fests. Does that sound right? Should I change my plans? Please let me know before I make a major mistake. Thanks!