Barack Obama and John McCain on Last Comic Standing

Yeah, I didn’t believe I wrote that headline, either. But here it is, video evidence that our next president, whether he be Barack Obama or John McCain, has consented to participating in a "campaign" ad for Last Comic Standing, and you can see these messages on your TV screens this Thursday night during the season finale. If this is what these guys will do in August, just imagine what they’ll do for your vote by November! Then again, please don’t imagine that. Just promise me it all gets better in January. Thanks.

Sean L. McCarthy

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One thought on “Barack Obama and John McCain on Last Comic Standing

  1. Wow that’s flabbergasting. When Hillary, Barack and McCain all appeared on WWE wrestling programming it made some sense. Their is a distinct blue collar demographic, plus the WWE has been quite political in a non partisan way in terms of their entertaining the troops and youth voting initiatives. I’m perplexed. It’s actually quite disturbing.
    What demographic does LCS represent? It seems so nebulous.

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