Giveaway! Lewis Black’s new CD, “Anticipation”

How much are you anticipating Lewis Black’s new CD, Anticipation? His CD, recorded last September in Wisconsin for Comedy Central Records, comes out on Tuesday, Aug. 5. You could pre-order a copy via, you could do it in one click via this handy button…

…or you could win yourself a free copy today! How? Oh, my, do I know how, and I’m a gonna tell you how, right now. First, you read this CD description:

Back from his Grammy Award win for best Comedy Album 2006 on his previous album ("The Carnegie Hall Performance"), "Anticipation" finds Lewis Black in a mellower mood. Having found that after a decade or two of leaving audiences alternately rolling the aisles with his vicious and perfectly-aimed political onslaughts, Black has decided that his fans need a sunnier topic or two. On the new CD, Black does lament the fact that the only appropriate candidate for the highest office in this land is the universally loved Santa Claus. Black spends the bulk of his time in kinder, gentler territory, while still keeping up his trademark frenetic pace and subtle, masterful call-backs. Virginity, golf, Las Vegas and the ever-popular Chanukah are some of the topics that come in for the truth-revealing rants that only Black can do.

Then you look at this!

If you have made it this far, congratulations, you’re almost there. See what I’m doing with this whole anticipation bit? Black does something similar himself in the opening track, talking about the expectations the audience already has placed in him. Because of the recent passing of George Carlin and all of the replaying of classic Carlin bits, I could not help but think of his short but sweet look at anticipating a moment back in the 1970s, and also about Carlin’s take on golf when Black examines the subject later on this CD. Carlin mocked the sport, whereas Black gets all riled up about how and why we play this sport that only makes us boil up in as much anger that we identify with Black’s onstage rage. There is a large 21-minute chunk devoted to Christmas and Chanukah, and I wonder if, now that Americans have settled upon Obama and McCain as the major presidential options, he still wants us to vote for Santa this November.

But all of this time, you’ve been wondering how you’re going to get a free CD. Alrighty then. Here’s what you do. Email me at, type "SANTA in 2008?" in the subject line and tell me whether Santa could beat Obama for president this year. The three (3) emails I like the best win a CD! See how easy that was?

After the jump, a video in which Lewis Black answers questions from Comedy Central viewers. Language, obviously NSFW.

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