Sure, Bonnaroo was almost a month ago, but we’re now being treated to some nice photographic representations of how comedy has become a part of this burgeoning national music festival in Tennessee. Louis CK was nice enough not only to share some artistic photos he shot from the set of his upcoming movie with Ricky Gervais, but also of his writing friend and comedy star Chris Rock, who performed on the main stage at Bonnaroo, essentially "opening" for Metallica in front of an estimated 65,000. That’s a lot of people to tell jokes to at one time. Go to CK’s site to check out all of his photos. Here is a backstage look at what Rock saw:

Mike Birbiglia, in his new installment of his secret public journal, includes a blurry photo of him inside the comedy tent at Bonnaroo, which appears to be a fairly large venue for comedy as well. Enjoy!