Last year, I remember walking into Rififi and seeing a flyer for The Greg Johnson and Larry Murphy Show that had several quotes, but they all referred to the club, and not the actual show. I offered them one: "The most consistently funny and daring show in the city." They went on to win an ECNY Award (is that a thing?) and this past Friday, well, I saw something that really lived up to my quote. After the intermission.

Here is what I saw…all after the intermission…

Guest Host Patrick Borelli had a video presentation about awful book covers (that he plans on incorporating into a one-man show at some point). Alien bears!

Fred Armisen (yes, Fred Armisen of Saturday Night Live fame) played a yet-unnamed character who is a piano-playing lyricist with a wig, a white jacket, and lyrics that make no sense.

Rick Shapiro followed Armisen onstage, and, being Rick Shapiro, kept his emotions unchecked as he rambled on about this, that, and the other thing, and mostly the other thing. "Not everyone’s cup of tea," he acknowledged at one point. But always worth watching.

Then Eric Andre took the stage, and proving it’s possible, made Shapiro seem tame. That’s just how Andre rolls. Also, he showed us his directorial debut, which may be the most retarded thing I’ve ever seen on video. And by retarded, I mean, Andre might be mentally retarded. Or I am, for watching it.

But the show wasn’t over. Still enough time for Larry Murphy to present his Puppets N Such, his ventriloquism act that had everyone in stitches.

That’s not a show I think you’ll see anywhere else in this city, or any city. All after the intermission.