A car crashed through the front window of the io West Theater in Los Angeles Thursday afternoon (image via Defamer) at about 4 p.m. Pacific time. The theater notes that no one was injured, although the "damage to the exterior and interior of the building is extensive and means that the Mainstage and Bar are CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE." (emphasis theirs)

Their phone service also got knocked out, so please check back at their site online for updates. They still will hold improv classes this weekend.

The driver allegedly was under the influence. So…is this karmic retribution for allowing MTV’s Real World: Hollywood kids to take the stage drunk in front of paid audiences? For those of you who didn’t watch it…God bless you, but…

Here is a recap of the episode in which resident would-be comedian Dave gets drunk before going onstage at the io West. Or you can watch the whole shebang, shebang: