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Some comedians find their catchphrases become Frankenstein-like creatures that get out of their control. For a brief period, it appeared that Larry the Cable Guy felt that way about "Git-R-Done!" in his live theater shows, trying to git-r-out-of-the-way so he could git-back-to-his-jokey-jokes and dampen down shouts of it from the crowd. But not now. Because the comedian has launched his own official fan site, and the address is The site/company is part of UltraStar Entertainment, a division of Live Nation, and so it would naturally hold that fan club members here can find advance pre-sale ticket opportunities, exclusive audio and video content, meet-and-greets on tour, and a members-only site.

Members-only pre-sales launched yesterday for Oct. 12 in Boise, Oct. 24 in Peoria, Ill., with more opportunities for the rest of the tour coming soon.

One of my favorite little quirks of the site? The news section lists dates the European way: day/month/year

How about that? Here’s more! A special message from Larry the Cable Guy to his fans…after the jump!

GIT-R-DONE! Welcome to my brand new fan club page. This has been a long
time in the works and I’m glad I that I could finally get a site
devoted strictly for my die hard fans. You are why I do what I do and I
hope you like the site and visit it often.

There were 2 things I was thinking about when I was on the toilet last week trying to figure out a jumble puzzle.

I thought how cool would it be to have a fan site that’s funny,
informative and gives my fans first dibs on the best seats in the house
for my concerts and chances to meet backstage.


I wondered why Meredith Baxter Birney always gets her butt kicked in every movie on the Lifetime network.

have no clue about the second thought, but the first one, I can tell
you, has gone into action and here is the site! It has advanced ticket
sales to you, the fans and only available to you. You will have chances
to win meet and greets at my shows plus other prizes (the prizes will
be pretty good depending on how well I can work the claw machine at
Wal-Mart). I will bring you exclusive updates throughout the week and
of course keepin’ you looped in tour news and special projects.

Once again, members will get exclusive content on this site that’s only available to fan club members.

I hope ya’ll enjoy this new fan site and thanks again for likin’ what I
do. You keep listenin’ and watchin’ and I’ll keep it funny and new.
Remember, it’s alright to crack your knuckles just don’t knuckle your
crack! I think thats e.e. comings I’m not sure! Anyway, have a good one
and see ya down the road!

– Larry the Cable Guy.

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