Conan O’Brien showed the most tact during the WGA strike, and unsurprisingly, he returned to the airwaves early Thursday morning "striking" just the right notes. As he did during the strike, he mentioned the return of his writers early in his monologue. "I just want to say personally, it’s great to have them back," he said. "In fact, they wrote that. That was the first thing they wrote. ‘Say it! Say it!’" After the monologue, O’Brien at the desk again gave a shout-out to the writers, praising the return of "scripted dialogue" to the show. "For that long period of time, of course, doing those shows, we didn’t do any scripted material. And it was fun. We had some good times. But we didn’t do any stuff with dialogue," he said, adding: "We get to put ‘LaBamba’ in skits again!" Which they then immediately did, followed by a written sketch on strike small talk. Then, to catch everyone up, they played an eight-minute clip package of the sillier stuff they did to fill time during the strike. After a commercial break, twas onto the guests: Matt Lauer, Ryan Reynolds and Simple Plan.

Full video, of course, available in the morning.