Morning radio guys Opie & Anthony are great comedy fans and do a lot to support stand-up comedy. If only Opie & Anthony’s fans liked comedy. Instead, they prefer acting like idiots and booing most anyone who comes onstage, challenging stand-ups to abuse them back. O&A calls their fans pests. Well. Yes. Two years ago, Bill Burr struck back against a horrible Philly crowd. Here, Dan Naturman chose another route, reciting poetry and Shakespeare. "I want this for my podcast, if you don’t mind," he said. On YouTube, this video is titled Dan Naturman’s Animation Festival Fiasco. Language is NSFW, naturally. Mike DeStefano, who performed later that evening, told me he applauded Naturman and decided to stick it to the O&A fans and expose them for what they are…if anyone has that video, please pass it along. Thanks.