Comic Strip Marathon: Post #42 Stage time

We’ve reached the Final Four hours and some odd sights and fun sounds to report. Kerri Louise brought her youngest son to the club with her in a stroller, and when the boy cried out as Louise was onstage, she chose to treat him as if he were merely the most annoying heckler. All in good fun.

Host William Stephenson is still with us. He has napped only a couple of times for about 20 minutes each, so he’s operating on a level almost as loopy as mine, since my eyes have closed only involuntarily for a few minutes in this morning’s 8 o’clock hour. If you’re playing along with the home game, you’ll know that means I’ve been awake now for 15 hours Tuesday, 24 hours Wednesday and now 19 hours Thursday which totals…58 hours. That doesn’t look or sound healthy at all. I will sleep very well tonight. That much I can assure you. For his part, Stephenson continues to keep the show rolling on time and introducing all of the comedians along with a quip or two. As Cory Kahaney takes the stage just before 7 p.m., she says: "I’m not going to ask you to clap for William…he’s really just doing this for the stage time!"

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