Apparently, at least 10 customers need to be in the audience to constitute an audience to keep this record bid afloat. And we’re teetering on the edge of this number at 6:15 a.m., when Ryan Hamilton takes the stage. And somehow, the few remaining audience members feel compelled "to help." That’s what one guy tells Hamilton after offering additional tags to a joke (note: they’re not calling these tags, but you and I know what I mean, if you know what I mean). Another audience member, who says he’s been here for 14 hours — or some such gibberish at one point — tells Hamilton it’s now 6:16 a.m. and to take the offer of help seriously. Seriously? Hamilton knows what he’s doing. We just need to find that morning crowd that arrived yesterday and things will get back on track. So if you’re reading this, please head on over to the Comic Strip. Thanks.