Comic Strip Marathon: Post #30 30 hours!

Everyone seems a little feisty. Except me. I’m oddly calm. Some new audience members have filled in the vacant front seats, while other corners remain packed with comedy fans who’ve been here for the past six hours or so. The young man with the pillow had disappeared for a bit, but he just sat back down front and center. The young Indian man with the Boston Marathon shirt who, he repeats, has not run the Boston Marathon, continues to interject, but just playfully enough, it seems, that no one is making an issue of it. But Laurie Kilmartin, onstage now, recognizes there’s an attitude, and when audience members make hushing sounds, she wonders: "That’s not for me, is it? That’d be weird." A few more people get up and leave. It’s almost a brand-new crowd now. How many more times will this happen over the final 20 hours?

Sean L. McCarthy

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