If you ever wonder what the advertising community thinks about stand-up comedians, well then, just watch the ads that feature stand-ups. I've featured before a Midol campaign that has female stand-ups talking about their periods, and an ad for heartburn featured a guy getting heckled by a male stand-up for daring to leave his seat (heartburn be damned), and now it's Slim-Fast's turn. Need to lose weight fast? Just ask a female stand-up comedian, Slim-Fast says. Because of course the ladies are worried about weight loss. Never us guys. Am I right?

I saw one of these ads last night. There apparently are three in the series, and someone has helpfully uploaded the entire campaign in one video. The Internet has told me that Michelle Maryk and Shari Albert are among the comics featured, but who is the first lady with the British Commonwealth accent? Roll it.