Comic Strip Marathon: Post #8 Firsts

I’ve now been here so long that my computer automatically updated my Flash player and Windows systems, then rebooted. What better time to look at some other firsts in this marathon…

First comedian wearing a suit: 1:51 a.m. Wednesday, Pat Dixon

First Red Bull I consumed during the marathon: 2:09 a.m. Wednesday

First time a majority of the audience stopped paying attention: 2:16 a.m. Wednesday, during a transition when host William Stephenson announced to the shuffling crowd, "I could say anything right now. Y’all not listening. I’ve got ball rash."*

First bathroom break for me: 3:33 a.m. Wednesday

First time I got to breathe fresh air since entering the building: 3:35 a.m. Wednesday

Did you know it’s raining outside? Good thing I’m wearing pants. Why am I wearing pants? Why does anyone wear pants? This is getting off-topic. Next post.

*This was not, however, the first time a comedian mentioned problematic and/or rashy balls.

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