It’s just before 4 p.m. and a cameraman from FOX 5 News has shown up during Joe DeRosa’s set. DeRosa tries to engage the cameraman in conversation, but he’s reluctant to do so.

"Why, they’re not going to use the audio from this?" DeRosa says.

"Why not?" the cameraman replies.


The audience of about 35 erupts into applause. DeRosa says he’ll offer to tell any joke the cameraman wants so he can capture some live footage. "How about McGreevey?" the FOX 5 guy asks. DeRosa tells a joke about how his grandfather had colorful ways of describing that the former New Jersey governor had come out of the closet without using the word "gay." He also follows up with a joke he’s told often about being adopted and not looking for his biological parents. Tune in tonight to see what makes it on the newscast.