Comic Strip Marathon: Post #16 Headlines

As hour 14 heads into hour 15, and I think my eyelids cannot stay open, Pete Dominick arrives and says he’s going to do a "social experiment" and work through today’s New York Post and see what jokes he can write from it. Obama’s on the cover. But turn the page, and just as important, Charlie Sheen’s new wedding. "I almost don’t want to do my act, because this is such a weird thing," Dominick says. He continues flipping newspaper pages, and I cannot help but think of Fred Armisen’s send-up of "topical" comedians by doing this very thing on Saturday Night Live.

Update: Dominick does make an astute observation about how the crowd doesn’t change seats throughout this lengthy night, even though stand-up works better often when the audience is seated closely together and near the stage. "You guys are an outfield," he says. He also notices that there’s a Reuters reporter judging him from the back of the room.

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