Russ Mitchell of CBS News attempts stand-up comedy at Carolines; lives to report about it

As a previous holder of the fabled (not imaginary) title of New York's Funniest Reporter, I have a vested interest whenever NYC-based reporters try their hands at stand-up. Even more so when they do so outside the confines of the little contest I won in 2007. Which brings me to last night at Carolines, where CBS News reporter (and national weekend anchor) Russ Mitchell took to the stage to tell some jokes. Talk about a fast turnaround: Mitchell's report on it aired this morning on The Early Show. Yes, I watch The Early Show when I'm up that early (Today keeps me going after 9 a.m. with its bonus morning hoo-ha). Roll the clip!

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OK. A couple of things. Joan Rivers was pretty funny offering advice to Mitchell, and hearing Harry Smith (?) ooh over Mitchell's acknowledgement that Pete Dominick also wrote some jokes for him was a nice moment. Mitchell also was quick to thank the comforting crowd (with many coworkers there, it was essentially a bringer!) and staff at Carolines for putting him at ease. But Dave Price? Price is that type of TV meteorologist who's always quick to sneak a joke or wisecrack whenever he can every morning, so he's the guy you'd figure would jump at the chance to perform at Carolines (or any comedy club). Hearing Price say that comedians who have nothing to say resort to vile, that sounds like that's him projecting — or else he has never been to a decent stand-up comedy show. Because comedians who have nothing to say are not comedians. They're merely blowhards who have run out of hot air. Anyhow. Enough about that. Welcome to the club, Russ!

Related: I was at Carolines last year when Ann Curry from NBC News tried stand-up. Video of Ann Curry doing stand-up comedy at Carolines.

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