How did you spend your holiday weekend?

Before we get back to the comedy grindstone, let’s recap the comedy news from the Memorial Day weekend…

Dane Cook flew into Las Vegas for three shows at Caesars. He told the Review-Journal beforehand that he not only remained well aware of the backlash against him, but was ready to rebound from it. "I welcomed it," he claims, "because
now I’m just Dane Cook. Now it’s just about the creativity and it’s
just about what I deliver on a gig-to-gig basis. I’m very comfortable
Afterward, he reported on his site: "I’ve been working on a new hour plus of stand up and although I’m in refine mode its all working very well. I finally took it from a few hundred people to 12,000 spectators and was floored by the imediate respose. I can’t wait to tweak it all and add more haha to the flow. LPMs suckasssss LPMssssss"

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported long lines for the comedy tent at this weekend’s Sasquatch! fest at The Gorge, and poked their heads inside only for a little bit. Michael Ian Black, performing there yesterday, could tell them that it wasn’t the easiest gig in the world. "I was up the same time that the Mars Volta was playing. Here’s what I learned about the Mars Volta during my comedy set: they are very loud and they do not care about me. If they did care about me, they would have been a little quieter because it’s very hard to do my subtle jokes about cumming guacamole with psychedelic Latin rock rattling my proverbial cage." Black is back in Los Angeles where he’s hosting and filming a new Comedy Central "reality" spoof, Reality Bites Back.

Across the pond, as it were, Chris Rock set a world record of sorts for performing stand-up to the largest British comedy audience, at 15,900 fans. That Guinness has a separate world record category for British comedy audiences is peculiar, to say the least. They don’t do that for everything else, do they? Maybe they’re just havin’ a laugh.

Speaking of Brits havin’ a laugh, Ricky Gervais popped down to New York City for the weekend amid his final week of shooting for his directorial debut, This Side of the Truth. His blog has all of the updates and photos, and he expects folks watching the BBC will get their first real glimpse of the movie as early as June 3. Sort of.

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