The Men Behind The McCain Girls

Around the same time that Jon Glaser’s Barack Obama-sistible song parody hit the Internets, the folks at 23/6 also decided to pluck a YouTube video from obscurity and shine a spotlight on the McCain Girls. Coincidence? The Washington Post didn’t think so, and suggested a connection in a March 24 blog post. As It’s Raining McCain kept racking up page views, people wondered if this was a joke to bash McCain or a sincere effort to help him, a la Obama Girl. McCain himself told FOX News yesterday that he liked the videos and had a sense of humor about it all. But Karina Longworth at New TeeVee reported that she’d heard Jon Benjamin acknowledge at a show at Union Hall that not only was there indeed a 23/6 connection, but also his direct involvement in writing and producing the song. Glaser and Benjamin have performed and produced shows together over the years. And Benjamin also has a frequent co-conspirator in Patrick Borelli, with whom he has co-written a Super Deluxe series (Thunderpoint) as well as two episodes of Assy McGee (see a picture of Borelli and Benjamin celebrating the latter with Assy’s voice actor, Larry Murphy). The men are staying mum on the subject for now. We’ll see if we can pry something out of them soon enough. Until then, enjoy these videos, again or for the first time.

Note: Here Comes McCain Again now says it has been pulled due to a copyright claim. Ah, song parodies.

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