Welcome, Videogum

Today marks the launch of Videogum, the Stereogum spinoff helmed by leading bloggers Gabe Delahaye and Lindsay Robertson. They also co-host the monthly Ritalin Readings series at the Slipper Room, so now they’re doubly delicious. If that makes sense. You can see how well they already work together by reading this post in which Lindsay dares Gabe to display a sign for her on The Today Show.

Gabe and Lindsay will be digging up, digging on and sharing videos from the world with us daily. One thing Gabe already found that I appreciate is the SNL sketch from this past weekend featuring guest host Christopher Walken in "Indoor Gardening Tips From A Man Who’s Very Scared of Plants." Enjoy!

UPDATED! (4/9) NBC figured out that people really wanted to see this sketch online again and again, because they’ve gone and put it online themselves on the SNL site and also on Hulu, so don’t fret about the YouTube clip getting pulled. It’s known online as "Googly Eyes Gardener." OK. Now enjoy.

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