Perhaps you’ve already met Myq Kaplan. Or, if you’re like many millions more who haven’t yet made his acquaintance, and only read on my site that he is becoming quite the stand-up comedian, perhaps you need more of an introduction. Kaplan is one of those up-and-coming comedians from Boston that I really wanted to write about while working at the Boston Herald, but kept waiting for that right moment when he’d hit that sweet spot — the moment when an aspiring comedian jumps up to an entirely new level of professional growth in terms of material, delivery and stage presence and you know that you need to tell everyone you know to go check him out. In the past year, Kaplan came oh-so-close to winning the Boston Comedy Festival’s contest, frequently opened on the road for Mike Birbiglia, and reached the finals of Comedy Central’s Open Mic Fight.

Three weeks ago, he taped a set for Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham, which certainly turned heads from the audience, industry and other comedians. Earlier that week, he performed a similar set at the Comedy Studio in Cambridge, Mass., that earned him kudos from Eddie Brill and a spot in this summer’s Great American Comedy Festival. And here is that set. Ladies and gentlemen, Myq Kaplan!

Check out this video: Myq Kaplan at the Comedy Studio

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