The return of Saturday Night Live got people talking about who they’d pick to play Barack Obama. The show itself reminded viewers and comedians alike that to make the cut and join the cast, you better have more than one impersonation in your back pocket. Don’t know when I’d seen so many celebrity characters in one episode, though much of this had to with the "Celebrity Apprentice" series expansion sketch. Here’s a recap from this past Saturday…

Fred Armisen: Obama, Gene Simmons, Javier Bardem (from No Country For Old Men)

Will Forte: Univision anchor Jorge Ramos, Judge Lance Ito

Bill Hader: John Mark Karr, Daniel Day-Lewis (from There Will Be Blood)

Darrell Hammond: Donald Trump

Amy Poehler: Hillary Clinton, Six Flags dancing guy

Andy Samberg: Matthew Lesko (the ? infomercial guy)

Jason Sudeikis: CNN’s John King, Bret Michaels, Ted Allen

Kenan Thompson: Charles Barkley

Kristen Wiig: CNN’s Campbell Brown, Jennifer Tilly

Casey Wilson: Rachael Ray