ECNY extra extras!

Before we move on to other issues in comedy, let’s reflect one more time on Monday night’s ECNY Awards celebrating the New York comedy scene.

If you think the cinematography in Cloverfield was shaky, check out this short video I shot moments before the ceremony began at a front-row table with Greg Johnson and Larry Murphy, who host the Friday night all-star comedy showcase at Rififi (at least through February). Note to self: Why do I sound out of breath? Am I that out of shape?

Here is a much more professional video that kicked off the ceremony, shot and edited by Drink at Work’s Carol Hartsell.

And here is one of many lovely photos taken at the event by actor/comedian/photographer Tracey B. Wilson:


I Eat Pandas’ Glennis McMurray seems more than pleased to answer the red carpet questioning from Brooke Van Poppelen and Danny Leary. Her beau, presenter Matt McCarthy, has an expression that says, you better watch out what you ask my lady friend, lady friend. More photos after the jump, including one of Nate from The Apiary, whom more than a few comedians were surprised to see actually existed (at least that’s what they said when he won his ECNY) Yes, bloggers are real people. Sometimes. More photos, after the jump!

Apiarynate Fun fact: This is what Nate from The Apiary looks like. Smile, Nate!

Photo by Tracey B. Wilson.

Kambrimariannereggieanya Kambri Crews (Comix and comedy PR extraordinaire), Marianne Ways (The Onion’s promo queen), Reggie Watts (musical comedy genius) and Anya Garrett (who takes photos of comedians that look almost as pretty as her).

Photo by Tracey B. Wilson.

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