Letterman tonight! TJ Miller, Andy Kindler

The show is taping as I type this, but my sources have informed me that in addition to comedian TJ Miller showing up tonight to talk Cloverfield with Letterman (and maybe Carpoolers, too), that comedian and Letterman regular Andy Kindler will appear on the program, as well. Kindler closed out last night’s Invite Them Up show at Rififi, told me afterward he’d be in NYC through Friday. Kindler also says he hopes to make more trips to New York City in the coming months, so keep an eye out. Here’s why you might see him tonight

UPDATED (Friday): So yes, Andy Kindler introduced a taped segment in which he tries to get a life coach, but instead learns what’s so so wrong about him. That should relieve some stress! And could TJ Miller have been more excited to be on the show? It’s a rhetorical question. Most comedians want a spot on Letterman, but they usually first get on the show performing stand-up. Miller skipped right to "panel" (for those of you not already in the know, that’s TV lingo for sitting in the chair for chat with the host) because of his role in the movie, Cloverfield. Miller was so excited that about midway through panel, he even exclaimed how cool it was to be on Letterman. Then, at the end of the segment, Miller tried to (and eventually did) squeeze out the words that he’s a stand-up comic, and you can see him. Where? "Everywhere." Actually, he did mention performing at Comix here in NYC next month. What if he’d said come to Rififi on Friday?!?!?

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