SFSketchfest much more than simply sketchy

The City By The Bay certainly wants to get 2008 started on a good comedic note, as the schedule for its SFSketchfest proves that its subtitle, The San Francisco Comedy Festival, will be in full effect come Jan. 10-27 at several clubs and theaters throughout the city.

The list of performers scheduled to perform include…take a deep breath now…

Adam McKay
Aimee Mann
Andy Kindler
The Apple Sisters
Arj Barker
Backpack Picnic
Bob Odenkirk
Brent Weinbach
Brian Posehn
Bro’in Out
Bucky Sinister
Busy Philipps: Freaks and Geeks Speak!
Cheap City: The Show with Michael Capozzola
Comedy Death-Ray
Dave (Gruber) Allen: Freaks and Geeks Speak!
Diani & Devine
Doug Benson
Drennon Davis
Eugene Mirman
An Evening With Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist, and Patients
Freaks and Geeks Speak!
The Fun Bunch (Scott Aukerman & BJ Porter)
The Geek System
Gene Wilder
Hard ‘n Phirm
Ian Roberts
Iron Comic with Nato Green
Jimmy Pardo
John Francis Daley: Freaks and Geeks Speak!
John Lehr
John Vanderslice
Jon Benjamin
Kasper Hauser
Kathleen Phillips
The Kids in the Hall
Kristen Schaal
Kurt Braunohler
Les Milton
Linda Cardellini: Freaks and Geeks Speak!
Maria Bamford
Mark & Ari
Mark Pitta
Mark Silverman
Martin Starr: Freaks and Geeks Speak!
Mary Lynn Rajskub

Mary Van Note
Match Game Live
Matt Besser
Matt Walsh
Michael Showalter
Morgan Murphy
Mort Sahl
Mosey with Scott Adsit from 30 Rock
Moshe Kasher
Muff ‘n Tops
Naked Babies with The Daily Show’s Rob Corddry
Naomi Crystal
Neil Patrick Harris
Oh, You and Your Bone Spurs
Pangea 3000
Patton Oswalt
Paul Feig: Freaks and Geeks Speak!
Paul F. Tompkins
Rachel Dratch
Reggie Watts
Rhys Darby
RiffTrax Live at the Castro: Plan 9 from Outer Space with Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett from Mystery Science Theater 3000
Rob Riggle
Ronna and Beverly
Roy Zimmerman
Samm Levine: Freaks and Geeks Speak!
Scott Aukerman
Seth Morris
Siblings of Doctors
The Smug Shift
Something With Genitals
The Sound of Young America Live with Jesse Thorn
Steve Bannos: Freaks and Geeks Speak!
Sunshine Fortress
Things We Made
Tim and Eric
Todd Barry
Tossing Alice
Trophy Dad
TV You Can Heckle
Uphill Both Ways
Upright Citizens Brigade A.S.S.S.S.C.A.T. Improv
The Whitest Kids U Know
Will Franken
Zach Rogue

This obviously is a lot more than just a sketchfest. Your eyes probably caught a gander at the fact that there’s a reunion of the Freeks and Geeks cast, a Kids in the Hall show, old boys from MST3K in action, and an evening with Dr. Katz — in addition to all of the other great performers on the bills.

It all kicks off Jan. 10 with the opening night show and party, which features Aimee Mann, Paul F. Tompkins, Todd Barry, Rhys Darby and hosts Kurt Braunohler and Kristen Schaal.

If you’re like me and cannot spend all 18 days in San Francisco for the fest, then you’re at least like me and wishing you could make it happen, for at least a couple of days. Where are you now when I need you, Santa???

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