Human Giant’s season 2 preview

The UCB Theatre in NYC hadn’t seen all three members of Human Giant (Aziz, Paul and Rob) together onstage for Monday night’s Crash Test in quite some time. In fact, they’d been out and about so long that the joint changed the late-night Monday show name from Crash Test to Cavalcade. But last night, there they were once again, in front of a packed crowd — helped in part because half of the seats were reserved for friends and TV show crew for a special preview of season two of their MTV show (which debuts in March 2008).

Look, here’s a video!

Human Giant gets a Sponsor for Season 2 from PaulScheer on Vimeo.

No. Wait. Here’s a photo of all three together on the UCB stage last night, which means we need a microphone tech to clear things up (as well as an education in cameraphone technology).

1217humangiant They opened with some jokes about Hannah Montana and The Hills. "I’m not contributing to this because I’m too old to watch that channel," joked Rob Huebel.

"Paul and I have no problem watching shows geared to other demographics," countered Aziz Ansari.

On to the preview!

They showed three videos.

The first offered a darkly humorous look at a police sketch artist who turns out to be more of a caricaturist (the above video spins off of that sketch). The second video I’d seen before. It’s a spoof of crime shows called "Crimetime," and has a re-enactment that needs to add a re-enactment of the re-enactment when things go awry. When I saw it months earlier in this same UCB basement, the fellas said they couldn’t get this onto the air for season one. I didn’t see anything this time around that looked different (Brian Posehn and A.D. Miles both have guest turns in the sketch) so wonder if they’re merely showing it here to get the word out, or if they hope they can prevail upon MTV’s censors this season. The third video got even weirder, as it became a spoof of M. Night Shyamalan movies in a twist on a ghost tale involving gay porn star Bruce Penis. "That’s the only time you’ll be able to see that version," Paul Scheer told the audience afterward. "We’re going to have some problems with the legal team on this!" Huebel said.

Ansari promised the guys would return in the new year with more videos and previews to test out on live audiences. "This is the first stuff we’ve edited," he said.

So…see you in January!

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