David and Chris Walsh, The Walsh Brothers

Here is what Judi Brown-Marmel, Levity Entertainment Group partner who signed David and Chris Walsh to her management firm, had to say about the Charlestown brothers who are heading to the HBO U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen… (and this weekend, at Jimmy Tingle’s place in Davis Square)

"They’re exactly what Aspen is looking for — they’ve been able to work out their show off the radar."
"They’re not contrived in any way."
"They are doing it for the pure comedy."
"They don’t sound like anybody else I’ve ever seen or heard."
"Their career could ultimately take them a million different ways."
"I think it’s refreshing."
"It doesn’t feel overproduced."

Here is what Rick Jenkins, owner of The Comedy Studio, had to say about the Walshes getting national success…

"It’s all a question of them finding the right venue."

Here is what Lainey Schulbaum, half of The Steamy Bohemians, had to say about them…

"I hate them because they’re that good."

Here are three videos the Walshes have uploaded online at vSocial.com…
http://www.vsocial.com/video/?d=12589 (Chinatown)
http://www.vsocial.com/video/?d=8665 (Skiing)
http://www.vsocial.com/video/?d=8662 (Swimming)

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