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Mike Huckabee and Patrice Oneal at the same comedy club tonight!

This should be interesting. The Full Ginsburg, makers of short comedy films on the YouTube, are putting on a live comedy show tonight called "I Heart Huckabee," featuring Huffington Post writer and comedian Lee Camp, and former Arkansas governor, Republican presidential candidate and current FOX News host Mike Huckabee. At Comix comedy club in NYC. Not the mainstage, mind you. Downstairs. The basement lounge, Ochi's. Capacity: 4. OK. I kid. More like 44. Somehow I have a feeling that this will be a crowded, messy affair. I would especially enjoy seeing the crowds for Patrice Oneal's show on the mainstage trying to shuffle through the Ochi's crowd to make their way to the bathroom, and maybe catching a glimpse of Huckabee onstage and thinking, WTF? UPDATED: OK, not too messy, perhaps. Here is one of the photos taken by the lovely and talented Kambri Crews, who, along with coming up with the bright idea to hold shows in Comix's basement, also is writing her memoirs and puts up with Christian Finnegan on a forever, married full-time...

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Last night’s TV: Katt Williams, Patrice Oneal

On Sunday, Comedy Central gave Katt Williams the broadcast debut for his 2007 stand-up film, American Hustle, an interesting choice for Williams and his crew considering it meant adding all the blurs and beeps of Comedy Central’s censors. It’s essentially a stand-up concert, taped the previous New Year’s Eve in Chicago, folded into a road trip with his opening acts, Red Grant, Melanie Comarcho and Luenell — the latter of whom you may recall vamping it up onscreen previously as Borat’s prostitute. An opening sketch includes a dream sequence with Jeremy Piven and a pitch meeting that allows Williams to parody recent movies such as 300 and March of the Penguins and even get in a dig on the fact that Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence and Tyler Perry all have worn fat suits for the sake of major movie success. Williams gives all of his openers a chance to showcase their stand-up, and when he arrives onscreen, he shows how charm and energy can go a long way in the entertainment business. He told the crowd that if they were expecting jokes from Pimp Chronicles, they weren’t getting them because he didn’t them to have to pay to hear the same bits twice. He may not be tall. But his stand-up walks the walk and talks the talk, even if that means not giving up on a word just...

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Patrice Oneal talks sex acts, it’s the “Nasty Show”; is it still NSFW if Alison Brie is describing them?

A few years ago, Patrice Oneal had a routine in his stand-up act in which he described real and imagined sexual acts. He infamously even talked about it live one time on FOX News. Fun times. Now here comes a new Funny or Die routine imagining "The Committee" that approves the naming of sexual acts, and the committee consists of longtime character actress Kathryn Joosten and Rich Sommer, with Sommer's Mad Men castmate Alison Brie in the role of cutely campaigning for her own very NSFW rituals to be included into the lexicon. And yes, it's still very Not Safe For Work even when Brie, Joosten and Sommer are talking about the "Angry Pirate." Roll the clip? For the throwback, here's Oneal doing his routine a few years ago at Just For Laugh's "Nasty Show." And here Oneal is on FOX News a few years ago explaining the "Angry Pirate" and the "Donkey Punch." Related: Hey, Oneal is going to be part of the Nasty Show at Just For Laughs Chicago this week....

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3rd Annual Patrice O’Neal Comedy Benefit scheduled for Feb. 11, 2015

With all of the news surrounding other comedians, it’s amazing and sad to remember that it has been almost three years since we lost Patrice O’Neal. O’Neal was only 41 when he died on Nov. 29, 2011, cut down by complications from a stroke he had suffered less than a month earlier. Oh, the things he would have said about Cosby, about Ferguson, about rape jokes, about everything, really. He was brutally funny and brutally honest. The comedians who loved and knew him painfully more than audiences ever did when he was alive are gathering once more to share...

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