Author: Matthew Fugere

Review: Joe Rogan, “Live from the Tabernacle”

Joe Rogan is probably best known for making people who are desperate for money eat animal parts and jump off buildings. You may also recognize Rogan from his younger days on NewsRadio or more recent days providing commentary at UFC fights. For his stand-up and podcast, however, he is known for crafting jokes and stories around heady, introspective ideas or philosophies that cover topics such as the perception of reality and atom colliders. It’s a formula he follows through with in his latest stand-up special, Live from the Tabernacle. Rogan sticks to what works for most of Live from the...

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Review: Matt Besser, “The 6 Most Important Sets in the History of Standup”

Who would you include in an exhaustive list of the most iconic stand-up comics and performances? Surely greats like Richard Pryor, George Carlin, and Bill Hicks would be included. And such a list could not be told without performances like Lenny Bruce’s Carnegie Hall concert. If you are going to craft such a collection of comedy’s finest, however, there is no way you could oversee such profound performances from comedians like Satan, King George VI, Pope Benedict XIV, an escaped Clone, Zeus (the Greek god of thunder), and Icelandic singer Bjork. At least that is what humor historian, Professor...

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Review: Anthony Jeselnik, “Caligula”

It is actually quite simple to be offensive. All you have to do is figure out a mainstream value and champion the opposite. People generally like X, therefore you say Y. It is not a complicated process. However, creating an hour’s worth of stand-up that seeks to have every single joke make light of every subject that makes every person in a room wriggle in a seat takes a considerable amount of skill. Regardless of how you feel about the offensive content at hand, there is no denying that Anthony Jeselnik is a skilled joke writer. Consistently relying on...

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Review: Maria Bamford, “the special special special!”

Performing stand-up comedy in front of an audience of two exclusively made up of your parents while cookies bake and pugs run loose sounds like the fever dream of a an eccentric homeless man coming down with influenza. I don’t think I’ve ever reviewed a homeless person’s thoughts, though, so such a scenario must actually have something to do with real comedy and not the nightmares of a sick hobo. These are the circumstances of Maria Bamford’s new special, the special special special! (not the homeless guy thing, but the other stuff). Bamford’s comedy is already quite surreal in its own right....

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Review: Chris Hardwick, “Mandroid”

Chris Hardwick is the king of nerds. Well, maybe he’s the president. Is a collection of nerds a monarchy? Maybe he’s some kind of chancellor or prime minister. At any rate, Chris Hardwick is a nerd and a proud one at that. His latest special, Mandroid, thoroughly illustrates his obsessions, passions, and opinions by way of jokes utilizing a variety of topics from hamster ejaculate to having sex with a dog. I apologize for skewing Hardwick’s material by making it seem like he only talks about animal sexuality. Never fear: this special isn’t solely about bestiality. Hardwick’s set relies...

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