Alison Spittle: “Soup” at Edinburgh Fringe 2023

**1/2 (out of 5)

Soup is comfort food. It’s cheap, easy, and served up just for you and your individual needs. Alison Spittle is not only part of a WhatsApp Soup Group, but also feels she’s soup-worthy enough to determine your personality just on the basis of what type of soup you favor. She also finds herself in a funny situation with bath bombs, which create their own soups for soaking.

But her show is mostly not that?

Instead, we find out that Spittle is still processing her C-PTSD from a mugging, an incident which she made light of in her previous Edinburgh Fringe production, only to now learn that may have been “too soon,” so to speak.

She attempts to lighten the mood with a tale about playing maid of honor for a relative, and the Irishness and Irish mess of their subsequent hen party. Not that she establishes enough relevance for how this story fits within the theme of her show. On the day I attended, she also lost her bearings. Perhaps we could all easily blame it on the smells emanating from the alleyway outside the venue. Or perhaps Spittle’s “Soup” was just served up too thin this time.

Alison Spittle: Soup runs through Aug. 27 at Monkey Barrel Comedy, Hive 1

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