Apply For 2021 Comedy Competitions in San Francisco, Seattle

After a hiatus in 2020 for the pandemic, both the San Francisco Comedy Competition and the Seattle Comedy Competition plan to resume this summer and fall.

Both are monthlong stand-up contests, with each round lasting over a week as comedians perform for different crowds in different cities — in the Bay Area of Northern California in September, or in Washington State in November.

The deadline to apply for San Francisco is fast approaching: Aug. 1, 2021!

Click here for application information for the 2021 San Francisco Comedy Competition, whose previous winners have included Dana Carvey (1977), Marsha Warfield (1979), Will Durst (1983), Sinbad (1985), Jake Johannsen (1986), Carlos Alazraqui (1993), Doug Stanhope (1995), Gerry Dee (2002).

You have about six more weeks to apply for the Seattle-based competition, or until Sept. 15, 2021.

Click here for application information for the 2021 Seattle Comedy Competition, whose most famous winner was Mitch Hedberg (1997); Preacher Lawson won it in 2016 before breaking out on America’s Got Talent.

Sean L. McCarthy

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