R.I.P. Jason Smith, CEO of Starburns Audio

Jason Smith, the CEO of Starburns Audio, died on Friday.

Originally from Sparks, Nev., Smith earned his bachelor’s degree in 2001 from the University of Nevada-Reno, before going on to study game design and development at Full Sail University. He was a partner in Feral Audio from 2015-2017, then became the chief executive officer when Starburns Industries gave birth to Starburns Audio in January 2018, overseeing dozens of comedy podcasts, including: HarmontownSmall Doses with Amanda SealesDumb People TownGlowing UpThe Duncan Trussell Family Hour, and Natch Beaut.

Brian Baldinger has set up a GoFundMe for Smith’s family and his daughter’s college fund.

We’re all experiencing the sudden and tragic loss of the truly great Jason Smith. Entrepreneur, comedy visionary, CEO of Starburns Audio, friend, son, husband, and father. While we’re all processing this shocking and horrible loss, we’re also coming to grips with the giant hole he leaves behind for his wife, Stephanie, and daughter Sarah.

To know Jason was to be close to him. It was not possible to work with Jason without forming a deep personal connection. His positivity, warmth, and empathy were contagious. He was the an absolute Care Bear of a man in an industry that is often…not like that.

Those of us who know Jason well, know that were tragedy to befall us, he’d be there for our family. And we’re going to be there for his. Jason passed away on Sarah’s 17th birthday, and we’re gathering funds to support his family and help Sarah go to college. All funds are going directly to his wife Stephanie with this purpose in mind. Please give what you can and help us spread the word.

With love,

The Starburns Audio family

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