Comedy Fans ID Jay Johnston as Capitol Insurrectionist

Overnight, an FBI wanted plea on Twitter became a mourning ground for comedy fans as it slowly dawned on many of them that what, at first, jokingly appeared to be comedic actor Jay Johnston in photos from the U.S. Capitol insurrection of Jan. 6, 2021, kept being confirmed by comedy insiders as the one and the same Jay Johnston.

We’re still awaiting official confirmation.

Thus far, we’ve only received second-hand accounts that Johnston has told friends he was in D.C. that day to attend the rally which preceded the attack on Capitol Police.

Johnston, 52, currently voices the role of “Jimmy Pesto” on Bob’s Burgers, the owner of a rival neighboring pizzeria.

Johnston was born and raised in Chicago, and got his comedy start there with Second City and the Annoyance Theater, before becoming widely known to comedy nerds as a regular contributor to HBO’s Mr. Show. His other major TV appearance, perhaps ironically now, came by playing a police officer on Comedy Central’s The Sarah Silverman Program.

This video coming up near the top of YouTube searches is, just, well, sigh.

And this is Johnston as Jimmy Pesto…

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12 thoughts on “Comedy Fans ID Jay Johnston as Capitol Insurrectionist

  1. Oh man that’s a gut punch, just heart breaking. I never would have thought he would have gotten drawn into that delusional world. It shows the power of right-wing social media radicalization; so disappointing.

  2. Who cares as long as he didn’t enter the capital building. People on the left are using this to fear monger but it didn’t seen to bother any of them when the radical left what rioting for 104+ days tried multiple times to burn down a federal court house with LEOs inside, killed at lest 38 people, and caused 2 billions dollars in property damage. NTrumps not president anymore now we have a president that’s selling our country to China and makes excuses for their concentration camps. He moves this country closer and closer to an American version of Nazi Germany everyday that meat puppets in power enriching his family from the white house and screwing the middle class.

    1. Yeah, why would people be causing such a fuss about the president directing an angry mob to murder congress and the vice president? cancel culture run amok if you ask me!!

    2. Hello Jay? Is that you?

      Wow, what a rant full of culty lies and delusions. Seek help. You’re not tethered to reality. Seriously. you’re not mentally well.

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