An update from The Peoples Improv Theater! Today The PIT announced the first 20 recipients of the program’s new SNL Scholarships.

Applicants will receive:

  • 5 classes from across The PIT’s remote classes offerings for NYC-based applicants, 3 classes for Chapel Hill-based applicants.
  • A monthly check-in meeting with The PIT to answer questions and provide career development support.
  • Assistance and mentorship in putting together either 3 characters and 3 impersonations for a SNL-type audition or compiling a writer’s packet for a SNL-type submission.
  • Connections with SNL talent executives.
  • Additional access to SNL representatives or creatives as available.

Congrats to the following…

Afsheen Misaghi @affyjay
Julie Tran @supertrantastic
Destiny Mabry @destiny.mabry
Kit Williams @iamkitwilliams
LaGina Hill @lagina_is_cool
Angela Batuure @abatuure
Luis Ponce @elponcibiri
April Perry @aprilstormperry
Christine Y. Kim @livingwithchriss
Reid H. Clark @reidclarkcomedy
Kaley Morrison @zekaleymorrison
Ricky Sim @rickeerick
Jeffrey Copeland
Kalynn Chambers
Allie Kroepe@a_kroeps
Vannessa Jackson @nnessleigh
Jonah D. Lewis @jonahlewis7906
Stillman Mba @stillman_mba
Cori Diaz
Pavar Snipe @pavarsnipe

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