Another sign that summer is finally over, despite the last gasps of sunshine and mild temperatures in October…

Stand Up NY, the comedy club on Manhattan’s Upper East Side that put on renegade stand-up shows in Central Park, Prospect Park and other parks throughout New York City — permits? who needs permits?! — has called it a season.

Here’s the note they posted Thursday.

Dani Zoldan added: “Over 400 shows, 2,400 paid comedian spots, over 200 comics & thousands of audience members. Thank you New York, we love you.”

The James in that trio, of course, is the same guy who bolted for Miami and went viral this summer first for declaring New York City was dead, then by attracting a counterattack from Jerry Seinfeld (safely riding out COVID-19 in the Hamptons), and then I got too bored by these rich guys yelling at each other about the city I live in with my friends, the city that’s mostly still going about its business, with the rare exception of some businesses, which happen to include live comedy clubs.


We’ve turned the page on comedy in the park in NYC. For now. Stay tuned.