Review: Patton Oswalt, “I Love Everything” on Netflix

Patton Oswalt had reasons to be happy again in 2020, finding love once more after becoming unexpectedly widowed a few years earlier.

Oswalt says he had resigned himself to a lifetime of gray after his first wife died on the eve of his 2016 Netflix special’s release. But finding love and running toward it has rejuvenated him professionally, too.

He’s gleeful in recollecting his teenage years as a wedding DJ, can laugh about what would’ve been a huge slight to a younger Oswalt in missing out on Star Wars perks to attend to his own daughter, and relishes going back to some familiar comedy turf for new revelations. His new theory about Jesus might not enrapture audiences as his “Sky Cake” explanation once did, but it still succeeds on its own merits. Likewise, you may not be reciting Oswalt’s backstories for the Denny’s Kids Menu “Grand Slam” characters with the same enthusiasm you did his KFC Sadness Bowl, but you will chuckle as you re-evaluate your own history with all-night restaurants.

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