Gary Gulman is one of my favorite comedians working today.

As I wrote in Decider to herald his HBO special last fall:

His comedy always has impressed other comedians because of its specificity. The words he chooses and the way he enunciates them remind us of the weight language can carry. Fraught. Quench. Quibble. As directed by Michael Bonfiglio, Gulman takes us back to his childhood home in Peabody, Mass., where he retreated just a couple of years ago, moving back in with his mother during the deepest of his depression. Bonfiglio’s cameras also follow Gulman and his wife to his new apartment back in New York City, as well as to his psychiatrist, Dr. Friedman, and to a bar show in Williamsburg where Gulman hopes to find the funny in retelling his own experiences in a psych ward.

Here are some clips to bear that out:

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