R.I.P. Steve Whalen

New York City comedian Steve Whalen has died unexpectedly, just days after his 33rd birthday.

Whalen was a fixture as “Mr. Jokes” on The Chris Gethard Show, and even more so on the show that followed in Gethard’s public access slot, The Special Without Brett Davis. The show has put together this tribute reel in his honor.

Whalen also appeared in brief roles on TV in Hulu’s Difficult People and the Adam Sandler-Chris Rock Netflix film, The Week Of.

Whalen, born Feb. 12, 1987, grew up in Staten Island, graduating from Monsignor Farrell High School before studying at CUNY Hunter College.

He put out a comedy album in 2019, “I Love This Crowd.” Befitting his one-liner nature, the album is broken up into 93 tracks. Every track title is the actual joke. You can listen to Steve Whalen’s “I Love This Crowd” on Spotify.

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2 thoughts on “R.I.P. Steve Whalen

  1. This is so incredibly sad. I am a relative newcomer to The Special but I legitimately loved Mr Jokes so much. My own fledgling comedy performance career got a big boost when I saw how much fun he was having on stage and reminded myself that’s why you’re supposed to be up there, for the FUN of it.

    He will be missed

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