Eddie Murphy accepting the Lifetime Achievement honors from the 2020 Critics Choice Awards

The Critics Choice Awards bestowed Eddie Murphy with lifetime achievement honors, and here’s what the legendary comedian and actor had to say for himself.

“I’ve been making movies, next year will be 40 years (applause, laughter). Al (Pacino) just said, ‘That ain’t shit.’ (laughter) But I’ve been doing it for a minute now. And being able to make a living as a an actor is a privilege, and a blessing. To make your living making people laugh, there’s no higher…you’re the luckiest person on Earth to be able to do that. And I got to do so many types of things. I’ve played…You saw that clip: I’ve played everything. I’ve been a cop and a robber, and a doctor, a professor, different ethnicities. I’ve been animals. I’ve been a donkey. I’ve even played a spaceship once. That shit didn’t go too well, though. That’s the one thing: When young actors come up to me on the street and say, ‘Do you have any advice?’, I say, ‘Never play a spaceship.’ But this is perfectly timed. I had a really great year. This is a great way to top the year off, and thank you Critics Choice Association…”

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