Wait. The Onion doesn’t already have a regular podcast?

How is that possible? Oh, right, they’re owned by the same company that just killed Deadspin.

Anyhow. In brighter news, The Onion is teaming up with Sony Music Entertainment to launch a daily satirical podcast, “The Topical,” which will launch in January 2020.

The Onion will oversee all creative aspects of the podcast, including writing, production and recording. Jordan LaFlure, Executive Editor at The Onion said: “The Onion is thrilled to have found a stalwart ally in Sony Music Entertainment to help it dominate yet another medium in the world of journalism. A daily news podcast provides an opportunity for The Onion to access and inform billions of presumably illiterate people previously deprived of the finest reporting the world has ever known.”

Tom Mackay, President, Film & TV A&R, Sony Music Entertainment said, “The Onion is synonymous with great topical and cultural satire and we are thrilled to be working with them to further expand their presence in podcasting. We look forward to bringing their highly impactful brand of humor and commentary to fans everywhere and maximizing the commercial opportunities for this exciting new comedy podcast format.”