The first Netflix special for Wanda Sykes also is the first for any black woman in stand-up, which jeepers creepers, should not be considered normal for 2019. And yet. Here we are.

Onscreen, Sykes has found a lengthy and lucrative career as the audience’s voice of reason — whether as the friendly foil in black-ish, The New Adventures of Christine and Curb Your Enthusiasm — or as herself speaking truth to society in series such as Wanda At Large, Wanda Does It, and her short-lived late-night talker, The Wanda Sykes Show.

At 55, she’s even more embracing of her physicality onstage.

She mocks Trump’s lack of self-awareness in even looking presidential by embodying the inflatable tube men that wobble in the wind outside of car dealerships. She mocks the Trump family’s apparent need for Secret Service details by acting out a mall cop on patrol on a Segway. At other points, she mocks herself in menopause by demonstrating how her stomach jiggles when she brushes her teeth, or acts out a more self-aware version of The Bachelor in which the man tapped his female suitors with his dick instead of handing out roses.

On the latter, Sykes notes it’s not merely bad television, but bad for society, as well. “The Bachelor cannot coexist with #TimesUp, #MeToo.”

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